Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24


Normally during May 24 we pack up and head to a friend's cabin, this year we opt. to do something a little different. We had friends come stay with us for one night. ( It was wonderful to see you again Jon and Rachelle)
I made my mother- law birthday card. I have to say I was really proud of it.  It's another tri- fold card. This time I did a bordered background with 3d flowers on top. And yes I also made the envelope standing next to it. Cool huh?

We also had Aidan's parents come and visit for the weekend. Which was wonderful. And on Sat. we had friends over for supper. That was supper special as Aidan use to camp with all of them when he was a little boy. Now many years later they are visiting him in his 1st home with his wife and pets. It was a great visit.

We also got a lot of work done around the house. ( Thanks again Weldon!, and to Karen for lending us Weldon on their holidays)

We finally decided on colors it only took almost a year. We went with  pale leek which is like a soft yellow for three walls and Silver Thyme, a really really soft green, think almost yellow on the other wall. It's hard to see in the pictures but it is super bright and I think it looks really nice together.

The picture to the right show the two colors. The window wall is the Silver Thyme and the other is Pale Leek.

 This shows the two colors again. The closet also went Pale Leek. Not a lot of contrast but just even to give the room a little depth. We are working on the molding and what not tonight. Maybe more pictures a little later. 

Speaking of the molding I should show you how they were brought home and into the house. Lucky for me Weldon was here cause I really don't think I could have held onto those all the way home. 

As well I don't think I could have fit into the car the way that Weldon did. :o) 

They only got a couple of looks driving home. Tee hee. And see folks how they are in my car. The truck would not have fit the boards. Thats right another point for the car. 

The boards where just a little long. 

They even stuck out through the door of the room.

And after a long weekend of entertaining and working on the house my men all crashed. Aidan and Salem on one couch and Louie in the chair.

What a wonderful weekend!