Sunday, November 6, 2011

Long Time

Wow it has been a while since I posted. I really wish that I could be motivated to post everyday like some people. I can't seem to do that so my aim shall be once a week. Once a week I think is fair. I do something creative almost every day that it not the problem, the problem is writing about about/ how I was creative for the day. So once a week I plan to pick at least one creative project and write about it.

This week's topic shall be "Craft Fairs". I love doing craft fairs, I love getting ready for them, I love walking in and seeing all the familiar faces, I love talking to people as they look at our crafts and ask questions, I love the the connections we make there, and I just love that it is starting to feel like we belong.

This fair was held at a school so we planned for a lot of children (not a good idea, but anyway...) We tend to make affordable treats for the children so they have something to buy while they are at the fair ( it is surprising how no one caters to the children) and it brings their parents over to look at our crafts.

This is a few of our decorated treats